Gambling To Win

Different casino games offer differing odds of winning. The way to maximize your profits and minimize your losses at these games is to play "with the odds", however, many of us - including myself - believe that winning at casino games can be sensed. At certain times, I have made a bet which goes against the odds and wins just because I 'felt' it.

Let's face it, the house always has an advantage, albeit small in a fair game. Beating the game means sensing where to go against the odds, since, especially online, players advantages like card counting in blackjack are totally negated by repeated shuffling by the computers. Winning means being able to quit when you're ahead, and quit when you're behind. As a professional for the last 12 years, I've won far more than i've lost, but I've learned to feel a win coming and ride the rush of wins, and feel when a losing streak won't quit.

Do yourself a favor, read a few of my articles about each of the casino games, then give them a try. Each of our Safe Online Casinos offer free gambling to play their games and get comfortable with them. If you're new to a game, read up on it, give it a try for free, then make a deposit and have some fun.

Have Fun!

Stewart Chase

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