Online Poker Terms

The online poker revolution is upon us. With televised poker bringing more and more people to the poker rooms - both land-based and online - it's important to be able to talk the talk when you sit down for an online poker session. Knowing the terms used will make you money, its as simple as that. The following is a list of online poker terms to help you keep up with the conversation.

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3-Bet - When an initial bet is raised and re-raised, it is known as a 3-bet.

Ace-High - A five card hand containing no pair, straight, or flush but having an Ace.

Aces Full - A full house with three aces and another pair.

Action - Checking/Betting/Raising. Generally, when the player is able to do something in a poker hand, the action is on them.

All-In - When a player bets all of his chips at one time.

American Airlines - Having pocket aces in texas hold-em poker named since American Airlines has the initials AA.

Bank Roll - Your total amount of money dedicated towards playing poker.

Belly Buster - An inside straight draw. Also known as a Gutshot.

Big Bet - When playing limit hold-em poker, a big bet is the only bet available to be made on both the turn and river card.

Big Slick - Another name for a pocket hand of Ace King. A strong hand.

Blind - A bet that must be made by the two players to the left of the dealer button before they have a chance to see their cards. It starts the first round of betting (pre-flop).

Boat - Another term for a full house.

Board - The board are the 5 cards that the dealer deals out face-up on the table in a texas hold-em game.

Broadway - A straight at the top end of the deck, 10-J-Q-K-A

Bullet - Another word for an Ace.

Button - A round marker representing who the dealer is for a particular hand. The player on the button always acts last on every round of action.

Buy-In - The total amount of money you changed for chips when you sat down at the table. Online this money is moved electronically of course, but it is still considered your buy-in. Typically 20 or 25 Big Bets are recommended.

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Capped - In most poker rooms, action between more than two players has a maximum number of raises, this is known as being 'capped' when a player makes that final raise.

Check-Raise - In limit poker, when a player checks before a bet is made, and then raises the bet when another players bet comes around to him, he has made a check raise. An aggressive move.

Cowboys - Another term for having two Kings in the hole cards.

High Roller - A player who plays for a lot of money at a table is a high roller.

Hilton Sisters - Another term for having two Queens in the hole cards.

Fish - A fish is a player at the table who is not a good poker player. Typically it is considered bad form to tell someone they are not a good player. "Don't tap on the fishtank".

Fish Hooks - Another term for two Jacks in the hole cards.

Flop - The three cards placed face-up on the table by the dealer after the pre-flop round.

Flush - 5 cards of a particular suit

Full House - 3 cards of one kind, and two of another. eg. AAAKK is "aces full of kings"

Kicker - This is the highest card in a poker hand that is NOT part of the 'best hand'. For example, if both players have an Ace in their hand, but player A has a King second card, and player B has a Queen second card, player A wins. Kickers only play on two-pair hands if they are above the highest 'other' card on the board.

Maniac - A player who bets and raises wildly seemingly without concern for the value of his chips or the outcome of the game.

Muck - This is the pile of cards where cards which are folded or discarded are placed. (Action: To Muck Your Cards)

No Limit - A game of poker where the player can bet all of their chips at any time they have a turn.

Over The Top - When a player raises over another player's raise it is known as going 'over the top'.

Pot Odds - The amount of money that is in the pot compared to the amount of money required to call a bet. This number is compared to the odds of a particular card being dealt to a player in order to explain whether putting this money in the pot is a 'good bet'.

Pre-Flop - The round of betting, raising and folding before the flop cards are put on the table is known as pre-flop.

Presto - Having two 5's in your hole cards.

Quads - Four cards of a kind. eg. KKKK

River - The 5th card placed on the table by the dealer after the turn round of action.

Royal Flush - a straight flush with the top card being Ace. The best hand in poker, unbeatable.

Shark - A player who is a good poker player and who is actively looking to take money from 'fish'.

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Snowmen - Having two 8's in your hole cards.

Straight - 5 cards in order of number eg. 23456

Straight Flush - 5 cards in order of number and of a particular suit - eg. 23456 ALL hearts.

The Hammer - A term created by a blogger to refer to the 'worst hand in poker' 7-2 offsuit. The reason 7-2 offsuit is the worst hand is that it makes no flush, makes no straight, and are the two lowest cards in the deck matching those requirements.

Trips - 3 cards of a kind eg. QQQ

Turn - The 4th card placed on the table by the dealer after the flop round of action.